Fall is my favorite time of year. The fast pace of the summer starts to fade into the background along with the hot temperatures. The promise of cooler weather and family gatherings are right around the corner. I begin to spend more time in the kitchen making things that fill the tummy and warm the heart. Canning is one way to save some life of summer and bring it into the fall and winter.

I found myself with an abundance of pears from my husband’s grandmother’s pear tree. I decided to can them!

Canning should not scare you! It is so much fun and for a little effort you can have big rewards!

Warm Pear Jam on toast or some pears on the side of any meal. You can’t go wrong with canning and saving some of the amazing fruit God has provided us.


  • 4 C. Prepared Fruit (pealed, cored, and finely chopped.)
  • 2tsp. Lemon Juice
  • 1pk Fruit Pectin
  • 5 C. Sugar
  • Canning jars and lids
  • Pot of boiling water for water bath

In a sauce pan bring the prepared pears and lemon juice to a boil. Add fruit pectin stir at rolling boil for 1 min. Then reduce heat and add sugar. It is as simple as that! Put heated mixture into clean jars leaving head space. Clean rim and add lids then place them in a hot water bath for 20min. Let them cool. Add your lable and make sure the top of lid is sucked down. Then there you go! You have Pear Jam! Enjoy!


  • Light simple syrup (2 C. SUGAR TO 1 QUART WATER)
  • Heavy simple syrup (3 C. SUGAR TO 1 QUART WATER)
  • Cored and QUARTERED pears.
  • Canning jars and lids
  • Pot of boiling water for water bath

Pour water and sugar into a large pot. Bring to a boil. Add quartered pears into the boiling mixture in 1 layer. Heat pears all the way through 10 minutes. Fish them out of the mixture put them in jars. Once jars are all full ladle hot simple syrup into the jars. Clean rim and add lids then place them in a hot water bath for 20min. Let them cool. Add your lable and make sure the top of lid is sucked down. There ya go! You can also add to the jar a vanilla bean for vanilla pears or a cinnamon stick for cinnamon pears.

I hope you enjoy this simple thing that can add a warmth to your fall. You can also add a cute bow and give them as Christmas gifts. They are sure to impress!


What to Do When Gas Happens

Having a 6 year old and then having a baby means starting all over. Oh man all the things that I forgot. Sleepless nights brought on from the baby having gas being one them.

Trying to sleep the 2-3 hours in between feedings at night is hard enough without adding tummy trouble. But no one is getting any sleep in the house when the high pitched cry comes out of my little man. We get up and walk the floor bouncing up and down trying to sooth him. Give him the pacifier hoping it will help to  stop the endless crying. Then there is trying to burp and rub the tummy. While all of these tricks can work at times other times there is nothing that is going to save your ears and your little ones tummy.

When I thought there was nothing else that would help my sister offered up one saving grace that we use when gas happens.  Gas pains in babies can be brought on by formula or from babies crying and sucking in air. What goes in must come out. But there is a way to help your little one. Gripe Water!20170617_110505

Gripe Water has helped us out several times. It relieves discomfort from gas, colic, fussiness, and hiccups. I was skeptical at first when my sister told me to try it but it worked almost instantly. I was amazed and my tiny man was calming down and relaxing. That was the moment I knew we would be keeping this miracle mixture on hand. Now we have better nights and happier tummies. My favorite is Mommy’s Bliss. I know there are many other brands out there, however, this is the one that we choose.

Take it from a momma who knows… Gas happens but you don’t have to cry about it! Do yourself a favor and go get some gripe water for your little one.



5 Free/Cheap Fun Things to do with your Kiddos this Summer!

One thing about being a stay@home momma is there is not a second income for all the fun extra stuff. As a momma I always want to make sure that my kids are having a little fun. Mixing up the routine during the school year is a little easier than the summer. With the school year we have a basic routine that is understood. During the week we stay home and take care of business. However, When the summer days are longer and there is not a whole lot to keep us busy in the house this momma starts looking for some summer fun that doesn’t come with a big price tag.

Here are 5 things we will be doing this summer to break up the monotony of “Mom can I watch T.V.”

  1. FRIENDS. Have a friend over. Let your kid pick a friend or cousin to have over. What is it going to hurt? It is only one night and you can do it you’re super mom. Find a night that is good for you and let them have some fun watching a movie together in the living room. They will love it and you get to be the fun mom!
  2. VBS. Vacation Bible School. This is a fun thing to let your little one go to. You can help out or just drop them off for a couple hours of quiet time to yourself. You really can’t go wrong with sending you child to a good environment where they learn about God.
  3. Library. Our library does a summer reading program for the little ones. If they meet their goal they get some awesome prizes. Not only are you helping your child’s reading level over the summer but it is an awesome chance to get out of the house. We read at bed time every night so it is a win win for this house.
  4. Museum. Depending on where you are at this may or may not be easy for you. We have a RT.66 Museum in our town that I am wanting to take the little man to. Not only will you be getting out of the house but you will also be providing a learning opportunity for your child that is out of the box. Plus it is really cheap.
  5. SPLASH PADS. One of our favorites. The whole reason I wanted to write this blog. We have a splash pad in the next town away. It is a small outing for us that lasts most of the day. Bring drinks, sunscreen, and some snacks. Go earlier in the morning and stay until it gets too hot for the little ones. Kick back mom and watch the little ones play. Or get up and get wet with them!

Whatever you decide to do this summer have fun and make some memories with your kids that they will remember. This time we are given with them goes by so fast. You don’t have to go to Disneyland (even tho that would be fun) to have a good time this summer with your kids.

Waiting for BABY#2

Are we there yet? The saying goes that the last month of pregnancy is the longest. I thought that I would be the exception to the rule… Hahahaha. Man was I wrong! It is only day one of week 36 and I think that I might be a obsessed with the thought of baby being here. Did anyone else get like this? It’s like when your on a diet and you know that you are trying to eat better so all you can think about is anything with sugar and carbs… UGH. Not sure that I will make it. I am in LOVE with the thought of baby getting here that it is all I can think about.

Last nigh all I could do is watch youtube videos of mothers that tried several natural ways to induce labor. There were so many different ways. One lady had a vlog of the top 10 things that you could try. She was so fun to watch, her #1 way was to sit on a medicine ball an bounce up and down. I don’t find myself doing that. The closest I have come to that today is going to the hay field with my husband an ridding on a bumpy swather. Life of a farm wife lol.

Short and sweet. But this my HOTMESS MOMMA LIFE.waiting-for-this-baby-is-like-picking-up-someone-from-the-airport-but-you-dont-know-who-they-are-or-what-time-their-flight-comes-in--bed0c

Wait… You want me to do WHAT???

When it comes to education for your child you have many different choices. Most think that you have to send your child to public school and that is the end of it. However that is just not the case… .

I was a Dental Assistant and I loved my job. My husband was in the oil field working in North Dakota at the time. Our son was going to a Christian School. While dad was home for his 2 weeks off life worked out great. He would take little man to school and I would go to work (which had me driving to another town 30 miles away) I would get off work, come home do some house work, make dinner, give my son a bath, and then it was off to bed. Those set of days off worked great. But when my husband would be working and gone it was a little harder. I would wake up early and get ready. Put my son in the car still sleeping in his pajamas before the sun had even came up. Drive him to mamaws house and she would get him ready, feed him, drop him off at school, pick him up, feed him supper, and get him ready for bed. Without her on those 2 weeks dad was working we would have never made it, She was a saint to help out so much and she loved to do it. Thank God for her. However, one set of days that my husband was home he said he thought that I need to quit my job and come home to take care of my son and the household.  I was a little hesitant but I thought that it would be awesome to be the stay@home mom that did PTA,  homeroom mom. The mom that got to go on field trips and take her son to school. Attend all the class parties. Another plus would be that I would get to see my husband while he was home on days off instead of working long hours at the dentist office. So that is what I did… I came home.

My sons school year that year was hard on him. Everyday I could see the frustration in his eyes and everyday there would be a note in his bag about how he had done something wrong that day or how he could have done better (I KID YOU NOT EVERYDAY). Now I know that my child isn’t perfect but this was PRE-K for goodness sake How hard could PRE-K be on a kid? Through teacher meetings and plenty of talks my husband said, “Why don’t you homeschool next year?” WAIT…. YOU WANT ME TO WHAT? Did he not think of how I could be messing my child up for life if i didn’t succeed. I am not a teacher, I’m a Dental Assistant turned Stay@Home Mom! When the shock had wore off  (with our views being what they are on life) I decided to pray and think about it. The point in which i decided to homeschool my son was when my husband came to me and said, “Babe I know that you can do it. You love our son and you want whats best for him. You will not fail him. That is just not something you could do. So I know that you can do it!” In that moment I realized that if I could walk out on faith God would help be and my husband would support me. That is when the WAIT WHAT! turned into YOU CAN!

No matter what education you are giving your child  public school, private school, or even homeschooling. It is a decision that is a personal choice. It is like asking someone how many kids  are you going to have? What kind of job do you want to work in? Where do you want to live? All of these questions are different for each person/family. And NO ONE should be judged for what they think is best for their situation. If you are thinking about homeschooling and you are having doubts think it over and just know that you can do it. There are many people out there to talk to. many curriculum that you can choose from. Do not allow fear to be what drives you away. Just get with your State Laws and see what you can do.. YOU CAN DO IT. You are a teacher. God has called you to be your child’s teacher and therefore you can do it!


Very Easy Cheese Cake

1 Graham Cracker Crust

1 Pk Cream Cheese

1 Can Condensed Milk

1/3 Cup Lemon Juice

1 Tbsp Vanilla

This is one of my dads favorites… When I was a kid it was always at family get togethers. It isn’t like a baked cheese cake it is more like an icebox pie. Very yummy and very easy to make.

Blend together  the cream cheese (leave the cream cheese out at room temp to make the pie smoother), condensed milk, lemon juice, and vanilla. Blend until smooth. Pour into graham cracker crust. Refrigerate until it is set up (3 hours or even overnight). Then add the topping you like or eat it plain. Either way you can’t go wrong with this one!




Beautiful Messes

The day in the life of a woman is very hectic. Before our feet even hit the floor we are laying there thinking of how many things there are to do in our day. Thinking of how good the bed feels and if we could just get a few more minutes of sleep we might make it though the day. When we do find the courage to take ourselves out of bed we know that there will be no rest until we find our heads back on the pillow at the end of our long day.

From the moment we put our feet on the floor we are taking inventory of what we need to get done in the day (first of which is to make the COFFEE). When the kids wake up the race is on.  Breakfast, getting the kids ready, dishes, the never ending laundry, cleaning the bathrooms, taking out the trash, shower, clothes, makeup, school (we homeschool), lunch, naps for the kids that will sleep, doing the honey do’s (make sure that the man of the house is taken care of too), and so much more… But I think that all of us moms get what I am trying to say. My point of all this is to ask… Do we view our day as a burden or a blessing? Do we take the time to enjoy the beautiful messes or do we freak out and race as fast as we can through the messy moments that could become beautiful memories?

Not too long ago my family came to a place where something had to be done. I was going about my day the clock was against me. I had so much on my plate for the day I knew I couldn’t stop for anything. My son was in the middle of his math lesson. I was dragging him through it ( I knew that he knew what he was doing).  I was doing the laundry at the same table I had errands to run and he had decided to check out on me again… This math lesson was easy for him and I knew it. He sat there and stared at the paper and I begged him for the last time to focus and get his work done or I was going to wake his dad up. (Our Daddy works nights and has to sleep during the day so waking up dad is a big deal). With the clock ticking and my son deciding not to listen… I SNAPPED! I went and woke The DAD up. Not good for my son. He starting crying because he knew that his dad wouldn’t be happy with him and I was crying because I just wanted my son to finish his math lesson without me having to ask a million times so we could go to run errands.  Dad wakes up and tells my son to come sit in the living room. He calmly asks one question, “Son, why do you think that you do not have to do your work when your mom has asked you to?” I was like WAIT A MINUTE!  WHERE IS THE WRATH OF DAD I WAS LOOKING FOR???? WHY IS HE SO CALM? Then from my son I hear, “She doesn’t spend time with me so why do I have to do what she asks?’. Now  I am not saying that we didn’t handle that little thought. But what I heard my son say is that I don’t spend time with him…. WHAT!?!?! Everything I do is for him or his dad. I am with him all day. I homeschool him… Through this conversation and family meeting I learn that my son didn’t feel connected with me because of the clock that I had put on every moment….

Cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning is what I do best. When my husband or son ask me to stop what I am doing to take part in a small moment… I freak out inside. They see this on the outside and I really have come to notice that  it hurts their hearts. So I have decide to be a more in the moment mom and wife. The laundry will still be there in the morning. The dishes wont run away in the night. So when my husband askes to still a kiss or hug I try to remind myself that the chores can wait for a moment this is my man telling me he loves me. When my son askes me to check out his new Lego invention and it’s the 5oth time that morning I tell myself he will only be little once. My home will be empty and I will have time for perfection later. Now is the time to make memories. Make messes. Make time for the small things. Enjoy theses BEAUTIFUL MESSES before they are gone.