Beautiful Messes

The day in the life of a woman is very hectic. Before our feet even hit the floor we are laying there thinking of how many things there are to do in our day. Thinking of how good the bed feels and if we could just get a few more minutes of sleep we might make it though the day. When we do find the courage to take ourselves out of bed we know that there will be no rest until we find our heads back on the pillow at the end of our long day.

From the moment we put our feet on the floor we are taking inventory of what we need to get done in the day (first of which is to make the COFFEE). When the kids wake up the race is on.  Breakfast, getting the kids ready, dishes, the never ending laundry, cleaning the bathrooms, taking out the trash, shower, clothes, makeup, school (we homeschool), lunch, naps for the kids that will sleep, doing the honey do’s (make sure that the man of the house is taken care of too), and so much more… But I think that all of us moms get what I am trying to say. My point of all this is to ask… Do we view our day as a burden or a blessing? Do we take the time to enjoy the beautiful messes or do we freak out and race as fast as we can through the messy moments that could become beautiful memories?

Not too long ago my family came to a place where something had to be done. I was going about my day the clock was against me. I had so much on my plate for the day I knew I couldn’t stop for anything. My son was in the middle of his math lesson. I was dragging him through it ( I knew that he knew what he was doing).  I was doing the laundry at the same table I had errands to run and he had decided to check out on me again… This math lesson was easy for him and I knew it. He sat there and stared at the paper and I begged him for the last time to focus and get his work done or I was going to wake his dad up. (Our Daddy works nights and has to sleep during the day so waking up dad is a big deal). With the clock ticking and my son deciding not to listen… I SNAPPED! I went and woke The DAD up. Not good for my son. He starting crying because he knew that his dad wouldn’t be happy with him and I was crying because I just wanted my son to finish his math lesson without me having to ask a million times so we could go to run errands.  Dad wakes up and tells my son to come sit in the living room. He calmly asks one question, “Son, why do you think that you do not have to do your work when your mom has asked you to?” I was like WAIT A MINUTE!  WHERE IS THE WRATH OF DAD I WAS LOOKING FOR???? WHY IS HE SO CALM? Then from my son I hear, “She doesn’t spend time with me so why do I have to do what she asks?’. Now  I am not saying that we didn’t handle that little thought. But what I heard my son say is that I don’t spend time with him…. WHAT!?!?! Everything I do is for him or his dad. I am with him all day. I homeschool him… Through this conversation and family meeting I learn that my son didn’t feel connected with me because of the clock that I had put on every moment….

Cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning is what I do best. When my husband or son ask me to stop what I am doing to take part in a small moment… I freak out inside. They see this on the outside and I really have come to notice that  it hurts their hearts. So I have decide to be a more in the moment mom and wife. The laundry will still be there in the morning. The dishes wont run away in the night. So when my husband askes to still a kiss or hug I try to remind myself that the chores can wait for a moment this is my man telling me he loves me. When my son askes me to check out his new Lego invention and it’s the 5oth time that morning I tell myself he will only be little once. My home will be empty and I will have time for perfection later. Now is the time to make memories. Make messes. Make time for the small things. Enjoy theses BEAUTIFUL MESSES before they are gone.


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