Waiting for BABY#2

Are we there yet? The saying goes that the last month of pregnancy is the longest. I thought that I would be the exception to the rule… Hahahaha. Man was I wrong! It is only day one of week 36 and I think that I might be a obsessed with the thought of baby being here. Did anyone else get like this? It’s like when your on a diet and you know that you are trying to eat better so all you can think about is anything with sugar and carbs… UGH. Not sure that I will make it. I am in LOVE with the thought of baby getting here that it is all I can think about.

Last nigh all I could do is watch youtube videos of mothers that tried several natural ways to induce labor. There were so many different ways. One lady had a vlog of the top 10 things that you could try. She was so fun to watch, her #1 way was to sit on a medicine ball an bounce up and down. I don’t find myself doing that. The closest I have come to that today is going to the hay field with my husband an ridding on a bumpy swather. Life of a farm wife lol.

Short and sweet. But this my HOTMESS MOMMA LIFE.waiting-for-this-baby-is-like-picking-up-someone-from-the-airport-but-you-dont-know-who-they-are-or-what-time-their-flight-comes-in--bed0c


One thought on “Waiting for BABY#2


    Heather what a great job you are doing here. Your message is honest, transparent and relevant. I can see you will be a blessing to many Moms. I greatly admire my niece Christine Conachan Heslop in Washington who has homeschooled their daughter and son for several years now She is amazing at how she is able to turn school into great family fun while highly educating both children. She posts on Facebook – I think you would both enjoy being friends. You are both very likeminded having a strong faith base. God bless you in this worthy endeavor Sugar.


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