5 Free/Cheap Fun Things to do with your Kiddos this Summer!

One thing about being a stay@home momma is there is not a second income for all the fun extra stuff. As a momma I always want to make sure that my kids are having a little fun. Mixing up the routine during the school year is a little easier than the summer. With the school year we have a basic routine that is understood. During the week we stay home and take care of business. However, When the summer days are longer and there is not a whole lot to keep us busy in the house this momma starts looking for some summer fun that doesn’t come with a big price tag.

Here are 5 things we will be doing this summer to break up the monotony of “Mom can I watch T.V.”

  1. FRIENDS. Have a friend over. Let your kid pick a friend or cousin to have over. What is it going to hurt? It is only one night and you can do it you’re super mom. Find a night that is good for you and let them have some fun watching a movie together in the living room. They will love it and you get to be the fun mom!
  2. VBS. Vacation Bible School. This is a fun thing to let your little one go to. You can help out or just drop them off for a couple hours of quiet time to yourself. You really can’t go wrong with sending you child to a good environment where they learn about God.
  3. Library. Our library does a summer reading program for the little ones. If they meet their goal they get some awesome prizes. Not only are you helping your child’s reading level over the summer but it is an awesome chance to get out of the house. We read at bed time every night so it is a win win for this house.
  4. Museum. Depending on where you are at this may or may not be easy for you. We have a RT.66 Museum in our town that I am wanting to take the little man to. Not only will you be getting out of the house but you will also be providing a learning opportunity for your child that is out of the box. Plus it is really cheap.
  5. SPLASH PADS. One of our favorites. The whole reason I wanted to write this blog. We have a splash pad in the next town away. It is a small outing for us that lasts most of the day. Bring drinks, sunscreen, and some snacks. Go earlier in the morning and stay until it gets too hot for the little ones. Kick back mom and watch the little ones play. Or get up and get wet with them!

Whatever you decide to do this summer have fun and make some memories with your kids that they will remember. This time we are given with them goes by so fast. You don’t have to go to Disneyland (even tho that would be fun) to have a good time this summer with your kids.


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