What to Do When Gas Happens

Having a 6 year old and then having a baby means starting all over. Oh man all the things that I forgot. Sleepless nights brought on from the baby having gas being one them.

Trying to sleep the 2-3 hours in between feedings at night is hard enough without adding tummy trouble. But no one is getting any sleep in the house when the high pitched cry comes out of my little man. We get up and walk the floor bouncing up and down trying to sooth him. Give him the pacifier hoping it will help to  stop the endless crying. Then there is trying to burp and rub the tummy. While all of these tricks can work at times other times there is nothing that is going to save your ears and your little ones tummy.

When I thought there was nothing else that would help my sister offered up one saving grace that we use when gas happens.  Gas pains in babies can be brought on by formula or from babies crying and sucking in air. What goes in must come out. But there is a way to help your little one. Gripe Water!20170617_110505

Gripe Water has helped us out several times. It relieves discomfort from gas, colic, fussiness, and hiccups. I was skeptical at first when my sister told me to try it but it worked almost instantly. I was amazed and my tiny man was calming down and relaxing. That was the moment I knew we would be keeping this miracle mixture on hand. Now we have better nights and happier tummies. My favorite is Mommy’s Bliss. I know there are many other brands out there, however, this is the one that we choose.

Take it from a momma who knows… Gas happens but you don’t have to cry about it! Do yourself a favor and go get some gripe water for your little one.




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