Wait… You want me to do WHAT???

When it comes to education for your child you have many different choices. Most think that you have to send your child to public school and that is the end of it. However that is just not the case… .

I was a Dental Assistant and I loved my job. My husband was in the oil field working in North Dakota at the time. Our son was going to a Christian School. While dad was home for his 2 weeks off life worked out great. He would take little man to school and I would go to work (which had me driving to another town 30 miles away) I would get off work, come home do some house work, make dinner, give my son a bath, and then it was off to bed. Those set of days off worked great. But when my husband would be working and gone it was a little harder. I would wake up early and get ready. Put my son in the car still sleeping in his pajamas before the sun had even came up. Drive him to mamaws house and she would get him ready, feed him, drop him off at school, pick him up, feed him supper, and get him ready for bed. Without her on those 2 weeks dad was working we would have never made it, She was a saint to help out so much and she loved to do it. Thank God for her. However, one set of days that my husband was home he said he thought that I need to quit my job and come home to take care of my son and the household.  I was a little hesitant but I thought that it would be awesome to be the stay@home mom that did PTA,  homeroom mom. The mom that got to go on field trips and take her son to school. Attend all the class parties. Another plus would be that I would get to see my husband while he was home on days off instead of working long hours at the dentist office. So that is what I did… I came home.

My sons school year that year was hard on him. Everyday I could see the frustration in his eyes and everyday there would be a note in his bag about how he had done something wrong that day or how he could have done better (I KID YOU NOT EVERYDAY). Now I know that my child isn’t perfect but this was PRE-K for goodness sake How hard could PRE-K be on a kid? Through teacher meetings and plenty of talks my husband said, “Why don’t you homeschool next year?” WAIT…. YOU WANT ME TO WHAT? Did he not think of how I could be messing my child up for life if i didn’t succeed. I am not a teacher, I’m a Dental Assistant turned Stay@Home Mom! When the shock had wore off  (with our views being what they are on life) I decided to pray and think about it. The point in which i decided to homeschool my son was when my husband came to me and said, “Babe I know that you can do it. You love our son and you want whats best for him. You will not fail him. That is just not something you could do. So I know that you can do it!” In that moment I realized that if I could walk out on faith God would help be and my husband would support me. That is when the WAIT WHAT! turned into YOU CAN!

No matter what education you are giving your child  public school, private school, or even homeschooling. It is a decision that is a personal choice. It is like asking someone how many kids  are you going to have? What kind of job do you want to work in? Where do you want to live? All of these questions are different for each person/family. And NO ONE should be judged for what they think is best for their situation. If you are thinking about homeschooling and you are having doubts think it over and just know that you can do it. There are many people out there to talk to. many curriculum that you can choose from. Do not allow fear to be what drives you away. Just get with your State Laws and see what you can do.. YOU CAN DO IT. You are a teacher. God has called you to be your child’s teacher and therefore you can do it!